pink-icon-ebookWhat is in the CPD white paper?


  • Why is CPD so important for schools
  • Why current CPD suffers from information overload and how to fix it
  • Why are the current core CPD structures used the most are the least effective and how to fix it
  • The adverse consequences of current lesson observation practice and how to fix it
  • How to make CPD more collaborative and empowering for your teachers
  • How to reduce the cost of current CPD practice
Image of white paper contents

A comprehensive 18 page White Paper with refreshing insights from MAT and school leaders

"Instead of delivering high stakes whole school CPD each INSET day, with unrealistic and unsustainable initiatives, it makes much more sense to empower teachers to take control of their own CPD."


With thanks to our contributors:

  • David Chapman – Head of School, Aston University Engineering Academy
  • Josh Goodrich – English Teacher, Deputy Head and founder of Steplab
  • Natasha Raheem – Assistant Vice Principal, Dixons Centre for Growth, Dixons Academies Trust
  • Emma Wilks – Interim Co-Principal, Nishkam High School
  • Dr Sam Sims – Lecturer, Centre for Education Policy and Equalising Opportunities, UCL Institute of Education